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Complaint 200443863
Operator: Invalid Operator Complaint 200443863 ( Invalid County, Colorado)

Document: 200443863
Operator: Invalid Operator
Operator No.: 10633
Issue Description: Location of concern: 3450 E. 156th Ave Brighton Co.8062. the issue is located on the east side of this property exactly at the water well. Issue: On Saturday September 9, 2017 around 11:30am we notice water and bubbles coming from under ground around our water well and unknown gases coming from inside the casing of the water well. Few minutes later we decided to contact an emergency number located in a gas valve that's inside this property, immediately Anadarko company showed up and test the area for gases that show positive around the water well, also positive in 4 other water wells in this neighborhood. Right after they evacuate everyone until fire department arrived. Fire department check some of the houses and told everyone it was save going inside the houses. we have concerns because fire department did't check the water well area as we request and didn't check all the houses only 2. Anadarko was concern and shot down all there lines around the area but the gas continue caming out. Anadarko explain that non of there lines is causing this problem and have no idea where the gas is coming from. After conversation with Greg Deranleau from Colorado oil and gas commission yesterday September 11. he send Chris Canfield to inspect the are and collect samples. Chris told us to follow this complaint do to the unusual situation. Our big concern is that gas continue going out also large amount of water (500 gallons every 3 hours approximately). At this moment we have to pump out all this water away from the area and the fact of no answers of what is going on !!!!!. We are extremely worry about our safety . we understand that is a process to follow but at same time we need this resolve ASAP. . Please let us know if is anything else we can do to accelerate this process or if we also need to contact any other agency . Permit number 260406, well is for household use, installed 12 years ago.
Issue Resolution: Landowner determined that water rising along water well casing was from his own well and due to a leak in pipe between well and house located at or near pitless adapter to well. Analytical data on gas composition and isotopic ratios of methane and ethane indicate source is likely microbial. Analysis of general water quality does not indicate impact from nearby oil and gas activities to the water quality of groundwater in the Anaya water well.