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Complaint 200443499
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Document: 200443499
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Operator No.: 10633
Issue Description: CRESTONE PEAKS PROPOSED CDP AREA. We are now three months into the nine month period during which the various oil and gas operators agreed to develop a comprehensive drilling plan for the Crestone Peak application lands. My concern is that decisions about oil and gas locations will be made 1) without effective participation in those decisions by either the county or members of the public and 2) without landowners and/or the county understanding their rights under both property law and the COGCC Rules. Do you have a SPECIFIC map showing where the proposed horizontal wells would be located pursuant to Crestone's proposal? I don't think it would be very hard for the COGCC to come up with the map I am suggesting and publish it or make it available so everybody can see it. THE PEOPLE WANT AND DESERVE ANSWERS TO THEIR QUESTIONS! NOW, NOT AFTER DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE!!
Issue Resolution: Complainant was provided a link to the COGCC website relating to the Crestone Peak Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) in Boulder County with the requested information.