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Complaint 200439523
Operator: Invalid Operator Complaint 200439523 ( Invalid County, Colorado)

Document: 200439523
Operator: Invalid Operator
Operator No.: 10380
Issue Description: Extraction Inc. in its application for a drilling location permit at the Triple Creek location did not properly complete the location application because they failed to identify that the location fell within an Urban Mitigation Area (UMA). Because of this proper public notice was not given to local residents. Initial information given to the local residents indicated that Extraction was going to use pipelines which would allow its production facilities to be located offsite. Later residents were informed that there would be 22 tanks, separators etc. in the middle of their neighborhood. A facility this large (A Large UMA Facility) is too large for this area. Not only is this a residential area there are at least 4 schools, a nursing home, shopping center, wild life habitat concerns and 2 emergency facilities in the immediate area. We don't feel that Extraction Inc. complied with the regulations in its application to the COGCC nor does a LARGE UMA FACILITY belong in the Triple Creek location
Issue Resolution: The COGCC engaged with Extraction and the local government regarding the Oil and Gas Location Assessment (OGLA) permit for the location. COGCC found there was an error made by the original permittee on the OGLA, but did not find that any violation of COGCC Rules occurred at this Location, and no enforcement action will be taken. In order to remedy the inconsistencies between the State permits and Local USR, the operator committed to submitting a Form 2A to amend the permitted location and bring it into compliance with the Large UMA Facility Rules adopted by the COGCC in January 2016. The Form 2A application will be subject to the notice provisions of Rules 305A and 305, the consultation provisions of Rules 305A and 306, the mitigation measures described by Rule 604, and public comment as described in Rule 305. COGCC Oil and Gas Location Assessment Specialists will review the application for compliance with all applicable COGCC Rules and review all proposed operating practices to ensure that the project can be developed in a manner consistent with our statutory obligation to “foster the responsible, balanced development, production, and utilization of the natural resources of oil and gas in the state of Colorado in a manner consistent with protection of public health, safety, and welfare, including protection of the environment and wildlife resources.” (C.R.S. § 34-60-102) Following COGCC’s technical review of the application and the proposed Best Management Practice (BMPs), the Director may attach technically feasible and economically practicable conditions of approval to the Form 2A in response to legitimate public health, safety, or welfare concerns expressed during the comment period, as provided for in Rule 305.