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Complaint 200438217
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Document: 200438217
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Issue Description: I am a current employ of SourceGas in Golden CO. I have been witness to multiple cover up and behind the scenes safety violations in the transmission and pipeline safety departments. I have been threatened with physical violence and termination if I did not stop voicing my concerns. The physical threats came from Jim Arehart, Ryan Echer, Jay Fowler and Joe Quinn. Termination Threats came from Michael Noon and Landon Haack. I am in fear of my safety and employment. The complaints I have are; 1. The MAOP verification tests that were conducted on the pipeline between Glenwood Springs and Edwards Colorado in 2014 were improperly documented. In Jan and Feb of 2015 a Former pipeline safety employee in Glenwood Springs was trying to document and verify the MAOP testing, he discovered that there were no records for this testing. When he refused to cooperate with falsifying these records he was terminated. 2. There are may falsified records and many safety concerns and defects at the Slick rock facility in South West Colorado. This facility was rebuilt in 2012 2013. There were dozens of falsified welding records on faulty weld joints. The Employee that raised this concern was terminated. Additonaly I have seen pictures of a blow down device that is more than 30 feet of the ground and used frequently without any fall safety devices. 3. There is a pipeline defect on the Grand Mesa at the Big Creek Camp Ground on our 6 inch transmission line. I read an email from the Pipeline Safety Guy that was fired last Spring that was written to Jim Arehart. It complained that this defect exceeded the allowable size for a dent, was never X-rayed, and was repaired with some type of cast by personnel there were not qualified to applied the cast. This defect is very near a very popular camp site. This kind of reminds me of Carlsbad. When I was asking about this defect while at dinner with Arehart, Quinn, and Echer, my personal safety was threatened if I did not keep my mouth shut. A month later Haack pulled me aside in Golden and informed m
Issue Resolution: Sent letter to anonymous complainant stating: "The COGCC does not regulate pipelines after sales meters or the point of custody transfer. Pipelines after the point of transfer are regulated by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Therefore, COGCC has transferred your complaint to the agency/ department listed below: Agency: Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Public Utilities Commission Contact: PUC Consumer Affairs Phone number: 303-894-2070 Email: Website:"