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Complaint 200437345
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Document: 200437345
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Operator No.: 100185
Issue Description: Concerned about water quality. Property is adjacent to the Latigo gas storage facility contacted Diane Kocis, Arapahoe County LGD several times in 2015 with other issues. Discussed concerned about water quality on 9-17-15. Diane suggested contacting COGCC for a water sample. Diane has also contacted FERC about noise level regulations for more information. Also contacted the Air Quality Control Division of the CDPHE in 2014 and 2015. Gas storage facility is operated by Colorado Interstate Gas, which is owned by Kinder Morgan. water well permit #209753 in NW/4 NE/4 Sec 23 T5S R61W
Issue Resolution: Water well sampling results show no oil & gas issues with the water well. Summary letter and all sampling results sent to Mr. Knutson.