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Complaint 200433246
Operator: Invalid Operator Complaint 200433246 ( Weld County, Colorado)

Document: 200433246
Operator: Invalid Operator
County: WELD
Operator No.:
Issue Description: NOISE: Triton Water Resources, located just north of our property has had a generator or pump of some sort running 24 hours a day for several weeks. We are unable to spend time outside of our home, or have the windows open. It sounds as if a bus is running in our driveway ALL THE TIME. We called Triton Water Resources directly and they said they would try to make the noise more managable, but the project was not long term, so it should only be bothering us for an additional 90-120 days. After 10 days no attempt has been made to alleviate the situation.
Issue Resolution: Complaint #: 200433246 Field Inspector Assigned: Gomez, Jason Complaint Received: Date: 6/2/2015 Time (Military): Contacted by Inspector: Date: 6/3/2015 Time (Military): Well Number: 05-Choose an item.-Click here to enter text. Location #: 432476 Inspection Document #: 673802154 Complainant: Brent Ramsey Phone: 970-405-6373 Address: 20430 CR. 33 LaSalle , CO 80645 Nature of complaint: /Noise Field Inspector Actions: Complainant was contacted on 6-3-2015, he indicated the noise had subsided and the operator had contacted him and advised him they had adjusted the equipment on site and reduced the noise. I contacted the operator on 6-4-2015 and they indicated they had made recent adjustments to the equipment to reduce noise at location. A site inspection was conducted at the location see Doc #673802154 for results of the inspection. Summary: No violations of COGCC rules were observed during the inspection.