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Complaint 200432814
Operator: Invalid Operator Complaint 200432814 ( Weld County, Colorado)

Document: 200432814
Operator: Invalid Operator
County: WELD
Operator No.:
Issue Description: This well was drilled as a salt water disposal well last Summer, but Select Energy has yet to provide proper documentation of completion by submitting a Form 5, and by filing copies of relevant wire-line logs, including a CBL. As far as the records of the COGCC show, the well could be open from below whatever surface casing may have been installed, to TD, listed as 10,100 ft. According to recent correspondence from Bob Koehler of your office, the permit has recently been pulled for this well. The failure of Select Energy to properly complete this facility has put the interests of petroleum lease holders in the area at risk by exposing petroleum reservoirs, non-producing intervals, and possibly shallow aquifers, to contamination by the native formation water or petroleum resources from the Cretaceous section, including the Niobrara formation. In addition, I believe that there is the potential of contamination from injected oil field wastes from the neighboring injection well operated by Expedition Water Solutions, EWS no. 1 (API 05-123-39770). Both of these situations would be bad news for the petroleum industry and SWD projects in the area, as well as and in the basin as a whole. Given the sensitive nature of this situation, and the rather small community of petroleum producers and salt water disposal companies in the Denver basin, I would prefer to remain anonymous. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Issue Resolution: Select Energy filed a Form 5 (Doc# 400839966) on May 27, 2015 and a Form 5A (doc#400844894) on May 28, 2015. These documents are currently being by COGCC staff. Select Energy will be required to submit a new UIC Application consisting of Forms 31, 33, and 26. Based on the proximity to basement of the bottomhole and to the EWS #1 well there would be restrictions on pressures and volumes if UIC application is approved.