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Complaint 200426498
Operator: Invalid Operator Complaint 200426498 ( Invalid County, Colorado)

Document: 200426498
Operator: Invalid Operator
Operator No.: 66561
Issue Description: see above
Issue Resolution: Two COGCC field inspectors, Jason Gomez and Craig Carlile visited the location to conduct a FLIR video survey (attached to inspection) and visit with the operation personnel. The location supervisor, Cory commented that during the last freezing weather the operation experienced an upset condition due to frozen pipes that resulted in an increased volume of gas being directed to the flare. As the freezing conditions were resolved the flaring gas was returned to normal volume. The plant does not have any truck traffic delivering or removing oil and gas products. Traffic at the location is limited to personal vehicles of the operational staff. During the day time inspection, it appeared that lighting was directed down into the location.