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Complaint 200395131
Operator: Invalid Operator Complaint 200395131 ( Weld County, Colorado)

Document: 200395131
Operator: Invalid Operator
County: WELD
Operator No.: 19160
Issue Description: I was contacted by Jim Precup from the COGCC office, Jim indicated he had been informed of a noise complaint off of Crossroads near Windsor. The complaint Brady Welton indicated he had noice complaint coming from a site located to the south of his residence at 1421 Hilltop Circle. Mr. Welton said he had experienced an extreme amount of noise at approx 11:00 pm a few nights ago. Mr. Welton said he and his neighbors were awakened by the noise coming from the location. Mr. Precup had also indicated we had received another noise complaint from Carmen Polk who also lived in the area.
Issue Resolution: