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Complaint 200337049
Operator: Invalid Operator Complaint 200337049 ( Weld County, Colorado)

Document: 200337049
Operator: Invalid Operator
County: WELD
Operator No.: 76104
Issue Description: Caller inquiring as to source of black smoke from drill site located east of Fredrick.
Issue Resolution: Curtis left me 2 voice messages in regards to the November 3, 2011 incident resulting in black smoke observed east to the Town of Fredrick. The location is the Strear V03-73HN (API 05-123-33567) located in the SESE of Section 3, Township 2 North, Range 67 West. The site is just north of WCR 24 within about 1.5 miles to the east of the main Fredrick City limits. Noble is in the final process of completing the well and crews performing the flow-back had parked a trailer adjacent to the flare line. The flowback experienced a slug of condensate that extinguished the flare and discharged some of the fluid onto the adjacent trailer tire(s) which caught fire and was responsible for the black smoke observed at the location. The fire was promptly extinguished and, as best Curtis knew, did not involve any City of County emergency response, but was handled at the site by the site personnel. No injuries and minor equipment damage (trailer tire(s)). The site personnel have sbben instructed to properly position equipment away from any flareline for future site operations to avoid a repeat. Form 22 (Accident Report filed).