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Complaint 200336515
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Document: 200336515
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Operator No.: 10433
Issue Description: Complaint relayed by CDPHE Case#2012-0012; complainant reported CDPHE that he regularly witnesses "Fracking trucks" dumping "remains" in a ditch along the frontage road, on the South side of I-70 midway between Silt and Rifle. He stated that this has gone on for months, it occurs 24 hours a day and most occurs within the same 50 yard stretch. He is concerned that waste will drain to waterway.
Issue Resolution: I, Soraya Baroumand, and Bill West, District 45 Water Commissioner, met with Alina Vazquez of the EPA Criminal Investigation Division, at the locations previously reported as areas of alleged illegal dumping along an irrigation ditch; namely, a large dirt parking area adjacent south of the I-70/Garfield County Airport eastbound exit ramp, and at turnout areas on the frontage road, west of Mamm Creek Road alongside the”Last Chance Ditch”. During our field visit of March 6, 2012, diversion of irrigation water via pumping and hauling was observed, (as I previously observed and January and February 2012). Screens and hoses appeared clean and no leaks from the bobtail trucks and associated equipment were observed. Furthermore, bobtail units observed were designated for freshwater hauling only. Also, no surficial staining or discharge at the ditch access turnouts was observed. The surface water diversion is known as the Alternate Points of Diversion for the Last Chance Ditch per court decree 05CW52 of the District Court in Water Division 5. The Last Chance Ditch is administered by the district 45 Water Commissioner year round. Further information regarding these points of diversions, pumping sites, or other water right matters can be obtained by contacting Bill West, District 45 Water Commissioner at 970 930-5365 or via email: If there questions, comments or concerns regarding this complaint or other like matter, please contact me at 970-876-9910 or 970-620-3277 or Thank you.