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Complaint 200445504
Operator: Invalid Operator Complaint 200445504 ( Invalid County, Colorado)

Document: 200445504
Operator: Invalid Operator
Operator No.: 10646
Issue Description: On February 6, 2018 Earthworks staff used an optical gas imaging camera to record infrared video of emissions from the Extraction Oil & Gas Crestone Hub in Erie, Colorado (Weld County) at (40.029958, -105.004169). Using the FLIR camera, Earthworks staff observed tank vapors and emissions from enclosed flares at 12:30pm on February 6. Video of this site is included below. Earthworks’ thermographers are ITC certified and use a FLIR GF320 camera. FLIR Video:
Issue Resolution: COGCC does not have jurisdiction over this facility. Complaint transferred to the Air Pollution Control Division at CDPHE.