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Complaint 200445098
Operator: Invalid Operator Complaint 200445098 ( Invalid County, Colorado)

Document: 200445098
Operator: Invalid Operator
Operator No.: 10633
Issue Description: Location: Water well next to light fixture on the northeast side of the house. Issue: Well is 480 feet deep and had water up to 280 feet when drilled 20 years ago by AAA plumbing, by Gant. Well was great and water was good. Water now has salty,bitter, chemicals in it that burns the eyes and has of past month or two affected my wife's skin causing redness and irritation. Destroyed new silverware and leaves heavy white film on everything. Can't even wash cars causes more problems. Conco bottom,last year to year and half I contacted cooper who no longer works there and advised of bad water causing eyes to burn, salty, bitter, white film on on dishes and destroyed new silverware. They set up four corners to come out to test water and set the appt 3 weeks out. A week or two before the water was to be tested it was miracously perfect, no burning, funny tastes, dishwasher worked perfect.
Issue Resolution: Letter sent to landowner on 3/20/2018 detailing findings. Please refer to complaint #200445098 associated documents for analytical results and summary of investigation.