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Complaint 200445029
Operator: Invalid Operator Complaint 200445029 ( Invalid County, Colorado)

Document: 200445029
Operator: Invalid Operator
Operator No.: 10633
Issue Description: The windows in our home are rattling again like they did a few years ago when a nearby separator/burner that was operating incorrectly was causing the vibrations.
Issue Resolution: Well Number#: Location #: 440176 Inspection Document #: 674200407 Complaint #200445029 Nature of complaint: Noise Field Inspector Actions: On 1-4-2018, I was contacted by complaint specialist Megan Adamczyk in reference to a noise complaint received for 1-4-2018 by the COGCC about possible oil and gas noise occurring in the Windsor area somewhere around the complaints residence. On 1-4-2018 I contacted the complaint who indicated he was experiencing a noise which he associated with reverberation coming from one of the wells in areas equipment. The complaint indicated the noise was very intermittent. On 1-4-2018 at approx. 1100 Hrs I performed inspections of the oil and gas operations in the area. At the time of the inspections I did not find any abnormal operation in the area which could be contributing to the noise experienced by the complaint. I contacted both Bayswater and PDC and advised them of the complaint and asked them to monitor their equipment. Due to the intermittent noise and not finding any noise source in the area no noise study was performed. All information reviewed and site inspection information were submitted to the COGCC for further review. No violations of COGCC rules were observed at the time of this inspection