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Map Legend

Map Legend
Tank Battery Permit Pending Approved Permit Spill Flowline Flowline (other end location unknown)
Producing Well Water Test Results Horizontal Drilling Plugged and Abandoned Dry and Abandoned Abandoned Location: Permit Vacated; per Operator, Well has not been Spudded
Inspection Pit Approved Permit to Drill Wellbore; not yet Reported as Spudded; Includes Expired Permits Shut-in Well: Completed Wellbore is not Producing but is Mechanically Capable of Production Temporarily abandoned Well: Completed Wellbore not Mechanically Capable of Production without Intervention Drilling Wellbore: well has been Spudded but is not yet Reported as Completed Injection Wellbore for Waste Disposal or Secondary Recovery
Active Well : Gas Storage Well Completion or Monitor Well (Manually Assigned by COGCC Staff) Waiting for Completion: Well has been Drilled but not yet Reported as Completed Suspended Permit: Permit to Drill is Suspended until an Issue is Resolved Commingled: Multiple Wellbores Completed and Producing from the same Formation in the Well Abandoned Drilled Wellbore or Vacated Permit for Wellbore that will not be Drilled or the well has been abandoned Domestic Gas Well School


The following 1 complaint(s) have been assigned to Jefferson County, Colorado:

  • Date Received: Dec. 8, 2015 Document No.: 2331 PIPELINE Operator: Source Gas Energy Services Company Facility: Description: I am a current employ of SourceGas in Golden CO. I have been witness to multiple cover up and behind the scenes safety violations in the transmission and pipeline safety departments. I have been threatened with physical violence and termination if I did not stop voicing my concerns. The physical threats came from Jim Arehart Resolution: Ryan Echer


COGCC has issued no NOAVs in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Air Quality (PM2.5 ug/m3)

EPA has taken no air quality samples in Jefferson County, Colorado.