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COGCC has approved 810 well(s) operated in Lincoln County, Colorado:

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COGCC has approved 5 tank battery(s) operated in Lincoln County, Colorado:

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13 application(s) is/are pending in Lincoln County, Colorado:

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COGCC has approved 17 application(s) in Lincoln County, Colorado:


COGCC has approved 53 flowline(s) that begin and/or end in Lincoln County, Colorado:


24 pit(s) operated in Lincoln County, Colorado has/have been approved by COGCC:


The following 567 complaints have been recorded in Lincoln County, Colorado or have not been assigned to a county:

  • 3543 LINCOLN July 2, 2012 Operator: Wiepking-Fullerton Energy Llc NOISE Description: Mr. cook called on 6/26/2012 to complain of increased noise levels from Great Plains plant and possibly adjacent pumping units. Resolution: Muffflers have been repiared or modified to bring sound levels into compliance and recorded in inspection performed on 7/20/2012
  • 2403 LINCOLN Feb. 5, 2016 Operator: Nighthawk Production Llc SPILLS Description: Well Location: Big Sky #14-11 API# 05-073-06559 SESW Sec 11 T6S _ R54W Complainant reports" Landowner says pump jack fell over and spilled large quantity of oil on ground." Landowner has not contacted operator, Nighthawk Production. Resolution: On February 5, 2016 a complaint was filed with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) concerning a spill at the Nighthawk Production Big Sky #14-11 well (API #05-073-06559). I conducted an inspection of the Big Sky #14-11 well on February 8, 2016. The inspection did not note anything out of the ordinary at the location. The pump jack appeared in working order with no damage and there was no sign of a spill on the well pad. At this time the complaint has been closed.
  • 4036 Oct. 14, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator SPILLS Description: Caller wants to know why the public wasn't informed and what the COGCC is doing about Antero dumping waste in Gibson Gulch draw? She reported that she heard three truck drivers were fired by Antero because they refused to dump waste into Gibson Gulch, but they were replaced with others who did dump waste into Gibson Gulch. Resolution:
  • 4038 Nov. 1, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator SPILLS Description: Caller had heard of truck drivers being fired for not dumping waste in Gibson Gulch and that others were hired who did dump waste into Gibson Gulch. Caller wanted to know what COGCC was doing and why the public was not informed. Resolution:
  • 4041 Nov. 1, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator INACTIVE WELL Description: Complaint alleges several of Javernick Oil wells are not producing. See attached documaent #02021108 Resolution: Field inspection on 10/28/2010 found two wells that appeared to be in violation for excess shut in time unable to produce. Telephone conversation with Mr. Javernick comfirms wells were shut in for lack of oil production. Mr. Javernick also reported two more wells that are scheduled to be plugged for the same reason. Notices of Alleged Violation will be issued for these four wells and a cursory check of production for the rest of Javernick Oil will be made.
  • 4043 None Operator: Invalid Operator BASELINE WATER REQUEST Description: Surface owner contacted J. Axelson and D. Baldwin to express concern about potential impacts to water quality and water rights from O&G development in the area. Follow up contact between S. Lindblom and surface owner determined that collecting pre-development water samples from springs, domestic well and irrigation wells would be appropriate. Resolution:
  • 4039 Nov. 2, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator BASELINE WATER REQUEST Description: PDC plans 8 wells on property adjacent to Simmons property. Simmons would like baseline samples collected from his water well. Resolution: Subject permits adjacent to complainant property were abandoned (AL) in April 2011. Wells were repermitted in May 2011 on complainant's property, and subsequently abandoned in August 2012. 1 horizontal evaluation well was permitted (August 2012) moved in consultation with complainant and drilled on complainant's property in December 2012. No further requests for groundwater sampling were made during onsite consultation. No samples were collected by COGCC. Complaint closed administratively during review of unresolved complaints February 2015 - GPD
  • 4040 Nov. 1, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator AESTHETICS Description: Complaint alleges Javernick Oil's production equipment is not painted and is in disrepair. See attached document# 02021108 Resolution: Field inspection of 15 Javernick Oil leases on 10/26/2010 and 10/28/2010 found all equipment to be painted proper color to comply with Rule 804. All equipment appeared to be functioning properly.
  • 4042 Nov. 1, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator SOIL CONTAMINATION Description: Complaint alleges "several barrels of oil" spilled on Javernick Oil lease in "section 21". See attached document #02021108 Resolution: Field inspection on 10/28/2010 of all wells in section 21 reveals no evidence of a "several barrel" spill of oil. There was a small amount of stained dirt on the tank pad are at the Fee 5 350. However this would be considered a deminimus amount and according to Mr. Javernick is being remediated.
  • 4048 Nov. 1, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator BASELINE WATER REQUEST Description: Gena Vale called to request that COGCC collect samples from her domestic well to establish basleine conditions in advance of any oil and gas development in the area. Resolution: Samples collected and analyzed. No constituents of concern detected. Letter sent.
  • 4055 Oct. 26, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator WATER WELL Description: Well water tested 20.57 mg/l methane in September. Test requested by renter living in home and OK'd by owner. Wants to know what this is from. Did not think it existed in the past. Resolution: Home going to auction - new homeowner's pending. COGCC contact information for follow-up relayed to bank and auction house. No one living in home right now. Awaiting contact from new owner and/or bank. Will initiate a new complaint under new name at that time.
  • 4051 None Operator: Invalid Operator BASELINE WATER REQUEST Description: Request for baseline water well sampling before drilling rig moves in nearby Resolution: SUMMARY LETTER SENT TO LANDOWNER.
  • 4060 None Operator: Invalid Operator WATER WELL Description: Complainant alleges impact to domestic water well from nearby oil & gas operations. May have been a nearby flowline leak in the past 1-1.5 years. Claims there is oil in the water well. Resolution: Based on water sample results and inspections of surrounding oil & gas facilities, there is no data that would indicate the water quality in the Schwisow domestic water well has been impacted by nearby oil and gas operations. Reference letter to Evelyn Schwisow dated 3/25/10 COGCC Doc#2605871.
  • 4062 Aug. 17, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator SURFACE WATER Description: During a field trip to West Divide Creek on Lisa Bracken's property, vigourous bubbling was observed from the bed of West Divide Creek when the creekbed was walked upon. Resolution: Complaint closed per the October 19, 2010 letter and associated data to Ms. Lisa Bracken. A. Fischer February 9, 2015.
  • 4071 Oct. 8, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator OTHER Description: Complainant lives next to a field where drilling fluids are being dumped. Estimates that it is a 50 to 80 acre wheat field where hundreds of loads of solids and fluids have been dumped for the last 2-years. The material has not been incorporated into native soil. Material is being trucked in dump trucks and tanker trucks. Noted company signs on some trucks operated by Ensign & Integrity. Believes the fluids are coming from the 70 Ranch. Field is located 0.25-miles east of CR 61 off south side of Hwy 34. Property owner may be Carlson. Resolution: NOAV issued to Bonanza Creek Energy Operating Company for improper land application of bentonitic drilling fluids. Material had been placed greater than 3-inches in areas and was not incorporated within 10-days of application. NOAV required incorporation of fluids into native soil within 10-days and submittal of waste generator information and documentation that fluids do not contain contaminants in excess of Table 910-1 levels.
  • 4076 None Operator: Invalid Operator ROADS Description: hard to get top Resolution:
  • 2950 Dec. 8, 2014 Operator: Invalid Operator NOISE Description: Voicemail from Bob Hooker (970)625-5362. Oil field gravel trucks on Garfield County Road 320 and Beaver Creek are creating excessive noise from jake brakes. Resolution: Left a voicemail with Mr. Hooker saying the complaint would be referred to Garfield County because it was highway noise and not O&G location noise. Spoke with Kirby Wynn and he said he would speak with WPX and also the sheriff and attempt to resolve.
  • 4074 Aug. 25, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator WATER WELL Description: Mr. Tamburello requested that his second well be sampled prior to Antero drilling begins nearby. Resolution: SUMMARY LETTER SENT TO LANDOWNER.
  • 4077 Aug. 23, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator WATER WELL Description: Wayne Pollard came into the Rifle COGCC office to request that his two domestic water wells be sampled prior to Antero drilling a well on adjacent property. Resolution: No oil & gas impacts found during domestic well sampling. Closed per A. Fischer by D. Andrews. Refer to Doc. # 01667679
  • 3336 May 7, 2013 Operator: Invalid Operator WATER WELL Description: Water well owner would like to have well sampled. Resolution: Water sampling results show no evidence of any O&G impact. Letter with analytical lab results sent to well owner. Well located in Section 17 - 2N-64W.
  • 3348 May 20, 2013 Operator: Invalid Operator WATER WELL Description: Mrs. Seeman would like her water well sampled. There is a sulfur odor and the neighbor to the south has a water well known to have thermogenic methane. Resolution: Based on the results of the sampling, there is no evidence of impact to the water well as a result of oil and gas activity at this time. Reference letter document #2614334.
  • 3473 Oct. 17, 2012 Operator: Invalid Operator ONSITE INSPECTION REQUEST Description: Surface owners believe they are ractional mineral owners; however no oil and gas surface lease has been entered into and the landowners assert that operator does not have right toenter ont and disturb the premises. Furthermore, landowners are requesting a description of the topsoil management practices to be employed and consultation is needed regarding the location of and access to the well pad Resolution: Conditions applied to Form 2A location assessment Doc#400330480 and passed for final approval
  • 4082 None Operator: Invalid Operator INACTIVE WELL Description: To my knowledge, this abandoned gas well has been there prior to 9-17-52 as indicated on the B.L.B map inclosed. Resolution:
  • 1667 March 22, 2017 Operator: Pdc Energy Inc LAND USE CONFLICT Description: PDC taken out some scrubbers and tanks at two adjacent wells and fed the scrubbers to the scrubber and tank on my property. Resolution: OLGA staff reviewed the complaint and determined there are not compliance issues with moving the equipment.
  • 4081 Oct. 1, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator GROUND WATER Description: Mr. Waller is concerned about possible impacts to shallow groundwater in his domestica well form upstream discharges and pit associated with CBM operations. Resolution: Summary letter mailed to Mr. Waller. No impacts from CBM operations including permitted discharge noted in analytical data.
  • 4087 Sept. 24, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator GROUND WATER Description: Mr. Burge has noted that groundwater pumped from his domestic well has become bubbly and cloudy in the last month or so. Water had previously been cloudy and milky before regular use this past summer. Mr. Burge is concerned that remediation efforts as part of the Petroglyph MIMMP activities may be having an impact on gorundwater quality in his water well. Resolution: No impacts from mitigation activities in nearby area noted in analytical data. Concentration of dissolved methane was lower than previous sampling. Nearly all well head montiorings in last two years have indicated methane at 0% by volume with one sporadic high of 19% in August 2010.
  • 4088 Sept. 27, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator OTHER Description: See attached (scanned image) details of adverse easement surface violations. Resolution: The issues noted involve private agreements between two parties concerning property law. Unfortunately, the COGCC has no statutory authority in such matters. For reference the duties and powers of the Commission are outlined in the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Act (Title 34, Article 60, as amended). COGCC Rule 215 applies to oil and gas operations and does not apply to land survey work conducted under property law.
  • 3453 Dec. 14, 2012 Operator: Invalid Operator NOISE Description: Mr. Pellegrini called on 12/13/2012 stated there was an intermitent high pitched noide in the area Resolution: No noises were observed during two hours of investigating area, even while nearby well was running.
  • 475 Jan. 8, 2018 Operator: Invalid Operator WATER WELL Description: Location: Water well next to light fixture on the northeast side of the house. Issue: Well is 480 feet deep and had water up to 280 feet when drilled 20 years ago by AAA plumbing, by Gant. Well was great and water was good. Water now has salty,bitter, chemicals in it that burns the eyes and has of past month or two affected my wife's skin causing redness and irritation. Destroyed new silverware and leaves heavy white film on everything. Can't even wash cars causes more problems. Conco bottom,last year to year and half I contacted cooper who no longer works there and advised of bad water causing eyes to burn, salty, bitter, white film on on dishes and destroyed new silverware. They set up four corners to come out to test water and set the appt 3 weeks out. A week or two before the water was to be tested it was miracously perfect, no burning, funny tastes, dishwasher worked perfect. Resolution: Letter sent to landowner on 3/20/2018 detailing findings. Please refer to complaint #200445098 associated documents for analytical results and summary of investigation.
  • 4093 Sept. 13, 2010 Operator: Invalid Operator WATER WELL Description: Thermogenic gas discovered in water well during baseline sampling. Resolution:
  • 3131 March 20, 2014 Operator: Invalid Operator NOISE Description: complainant complained of noise being generated at night from a seismi survey being done around his home Resolution:
  • 1301 Aug. 10, 2017 Operator: Invalid Operator OTHER Description: CRESTONE PEAKS PROPOSED CDP AREA. We are now three months into the nine month period during which the various oil and gas operators agreed to develop a comprehensive drilling plan for the Crestone Peak application lands. My concern is that decisions about oil and gas locations will be made 1) without effective participation in those decisions by either the county or members of the public and 2) without landowners and/or the county understanding their rights under both property law and the COGCC Rules. Do you have a SPECIFIC map showing where the proposed horizontal wells would be located pursuant to Crestone's proposal? I don't think it would be very hard for the COGCC to come up with the map I am suggesting and publish it or make it available so everybody can see it. THE PEOPLE WANT AND DESERVE ANSWERS TO THEIR QUESTIONS! NOW, NOT AFTER DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE!! Resolution: Complainant was provided a link to the COGCC website relating to the Crestone Peak Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) in Boulder County with the requested information.
  • 3165 Feb. 13, 2014 Operator: Invalid Operator WATER WELL Description: Well owner requested that we collect samples from their water well for laboratory analysis. Resolution: GW sampling indicated no impacts from O&G activities. ACE for Chris Canfield 4/23/2014
  • 2618 Aug. 25, 2015 Operator: Invalid Operator SOIL CONTAMINATION Description: LaSalle disposal off CR 49 and CR 34 by Select Energy Services ,is allowing runoff from truck washing to get on dirt. The trench fills up and over flows and they just let is soak in. They put a new concrete slab down to "contain" it but they never fixed the problem. The ground around and under d the truck wash is contaminated Resolution: The site is under regulatory jurisdiction of both the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Weld County. Because the company is not an oil and gas operator, they are not under the regulatory jurisdiction of the COGCC. This complaint has been referred to CDPHE and Weld County./
  • 3330 June 6, 2013 Operator: Invalid Operator ODOR Description: Complaint Relayed by Garfield County.Just got a call from Karen Sedillo who lives just up dry hollow from Minneota estates. Reports strong odors over the week or so and said she is finally calling to complain because it is too much Resolution:
  • 3429 Jan. 9, 2013 Operator: Invalid Operator NOISE Description: Loud explosion which rattled windows.complainant believed it was caused from fracing. Resolution: I talked with Susan Cramer and discussed the complaint and tne resolution I had come to. she said she had come to many of the same conclusions in her follw-up. I told her I would close the complaint and she was in agreement with my conclusions.
  • 989 Sept. 20, 2017 Operator: Invalid Operator WATER WELL Description: Our water also lights on fire when you put a match to it. Resolution: Laboratory results (received 10/24/2017) indicate that the subject well has not been impacted by nearby oil & gas activity. Furthermore, lab results confirm quality of water from the subject well and Biological Activity Reaction Tests document presence of active populations of sulfate-reducing and iron-related bacteria in water collected from the well. Discussion of these results was provided to the complainant via a Complaint Resolution Letter dispatched via hardcopy and email on 10/25/2017. An attempt was also made to call the complainant to discuss results on 10/25/2017. COGCC was unable to leave a voice message due to the complainant's voice mailbox being full.
  • 3767 Sept. 26, 2011 Operator: Invalid Operator RECLAMATION Description: PDC LEFT LARGE ROCKS IN FIELD AFTER WELLS WERE DRILLED. HAVE CONTACTED THEM ABOUT THIS BUT HAVE HAD NO RESPONSE. Resolution: Reclamation Specialist contacted Aaron Clyncke with PDC Energy to discuss complaint. Mr. Clyncke stated that he would have a crew remove rocks and debris within 24 hrs. Reclamation Specialist inspected location with Marlene Ritcher on 09/28/2011 and determined that rocks and debris had been removed. Complaint has been resolved to complainant’s satisfaction.
  • 2309 May 6, 2016 Operator: Invalid Operator NOTIFICATION Description: Extraction Inc. in its application for a drilling location permit at the Triple Creek location did not properly complete the location application because they failed to identify that the location fell within an Urban Mitigation Area (UMA). Because of this proper public notice was not given to local residents. Initial information given to the local residents indicated that Extraction was going to use pipelines which would allow its production facilities to be located offsite. Later residents were informed that there would be 22 tanks, separators etc. in the middle of their neighborhood. A facility this large (A Large UMA Facility) is too large for this area. Not only is this a residential area there are at least 4 schools, a nursing home, shopping center, wild life habitat concerns and 2 emergency facilities in the immediate area. We don't feel that Extraction Inc. complied with the regulations in its application to the COGCC nor does a LARGE UMA FACILITY belong in the Triple Creek location Resolution: The COGCC engaged with Extraction and the local government regarding the Oil and Gas Location Assessment (OGLA) permit for the location. COGCC found there was an error made by the original permittee on the OGLA, but did not find that any violation of COGCC Rules occurred at this Location, and no enforcement action will be taken. In order to remedy the inconsistencies between the State permits and Local USR, the operator committed to submitting a Form 2A to amend the permitted location and bring it into compliance with the Large UMA Facility Rules adopted by the COGCC in January 2016. The Form 2A application will be subject to the notice provisions of Rules 305A and 305, the consultation provisions of Rules 305A and 306, the mitigation measures described by Rule 604, and public comment as described in Rule 305. COGCC Oil and Gas Location Assessment Specialists will review the application for compliance with all applicable COGCC Rules and review all proposed operating practices to ensure that the project can be developed in a manner consistent with our statutory obligation to “foster the responsible, balanced development, production, and utilization of the natural resources of oil and gas in the state of Colorado in a manner consistent with protection of public health, safety, and welfare, including protection of the environment and wildlife resources.” (C.R.S. § 34-60-102) Following COGCC’s technical review of the application and the proposed Best Management Practice (BMPs), the Director may attach technically feasible and economically practicable conditions of approval to the Form 2A in response to legitimate public health, safety, or welfare concerns expressed during the comment period, as provided for in Rule 305.
  • 2314 May 2, 2016 Operator: Invalid Operator WATER WELL Description: Ground Water/Water Quality rainbow on glass film on counter tops film on cars after wash and rinse well water has started going bad since well drilling has been done around well. Age of well: 1 year 11 months Resolution: Water sampling results show no evidence of any oil & gas issues. Letter with all analytical results sent to Mr. Mossman.
  • 3646 March 13, 2012 Operator: Invalid Operator OTHER Description: Truck leaving site was leaking produced water all over the soil. Resolution: JIM PRECUP CONDUCTED SITE INSPECTION ON SATURDAY MARCH 3,2 012. MEET WITH COMPLAINANTS AND REVIEWED SITE. ENCANA PROVIDED MANIFEST AND PHOTO OF SITE. ENCANA ENVIRONMENTAL STAFF OVERSAW CLEANUP.
  • 3874 April 6, 2011 Operator: Invalid Operator OTHER Description: EPA-Chuck Tinsly called saying a women complained to him about water trucks travelling from a location south of Grover into Greeley. She followed the trucks to a point where they connected to hoses near the 32 well pad on 29th Street SE Greeley. Resolution: Chuck Tinsley-EPA
  • 3878 March 31, 2011 Operator: Invalid Operator LIGHTING Description: Northern Colorado Astronomical Society is stating lights are not being sheilded. Resolution: Operator is willing to work with the NCAS, contact information was given to complaintant to express concerns, if they are still present.
  • 3879 March 31, 2011 Operator: Invalid Operator BASELINE WATER REQUEST Description: Landowner called to request baseline water sampling in advance of O&G development in the area. SE 18 6S 64W. Water well permit number 214337. Resolution:
  • 375 Feb. 26, 2018 Operator: Invalid Operator AIR QUALITY Description: On February 6, 2018 Earthworks staff used an optical gas imaging camera to record infrared video of emissions from the Extraction Oil & Gas Crestone Hub in Erie, Colorado (Weld County) at (40.029958, -105.004169). Using the FLIR camera, Earthworks staff observed tank vapors and emissions from enclosed flares at 12:30pm on February 6. Video of this site is included below. Earthworks’ thermographers are ITC certified and use a FLIR GF320 camera. FLIR Video: Resolution: COGCC does not have jurisdiction over this facility. Complaint transferred to the Air Pollution Control Division at CDPHE.
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