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The maps/satellite photos on provide a convenient current view of all COGCC and DWR data by county, city and operator. For example: 1) Zoom in and notice the proximity of active wells to occupied structures; click (oil well) marker symbol to see details e.g. operator, spud date, monthly production reports, MITs (mechanical integrity test), NOAVs (notice of alleged violation) etc. 2) Locations of underground transmission "flowlines" (shown as red line segments - click to view operator, current status etc.); 3) Locations of DBHLs (horizontal drilling), show as purple lines; click to view details; 4) spills, pits, dry and abandoned wells (blue marker with black dot), pending permits, approved permits, shut-in wells, temporarily abandoned wells, wells spudded but not yet reported; waste disposal wells, gas storage wells; wells with suspended permits; wells with vacated permits, commingled wells; domestic gas wells etc.; click to view details; 5) locations where streams, wells, groundwater etc. have been tested ; click "flask" marker to view graphs showing changes between test dates of 627 parameters including nitrates, methane, 1245-TETRACHLOROBENZENE etc.  Suggestions/comments welcome.