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Well 03705003
Operator: Chevron Usa Inc 1 BENTON Well 03705003 ( Eagle County, Colorado)

The COGCC has not alleged any violations against Chevron Usa Inc for this well.

Chevron Usa Inc has submitted no monthly production report(s) for this well:

There is/are no DBHLs associated with this well:

There is/are no DLs associated with this well:

COGCC has recorded no mechanical integrity tests for this well:

Well Title:
Operator: Chevron Usa Inc
County: Eagle County, Colorado
API Label: 05-037-05003
Operator: Chevron Usa Inc
Well Title: 1 BENTON
Facility ID: 209046
Facility Type: PA
Facility Status: PA
Operator No.: 16700
Well No.: 1
Well Name: BENTON
Field Code: 99999
Dist NSN: 0
Dir NSC:
Dist EWN: 0
Dir EW:
Qtr Qtr: SENE
Section: 14
Township: 3S
Range: 85W
Meridian: 0
Latitude: 39.792821
Longitude: -106.884102
Ground Elevation: 10037
Utm X: 338683
Utm Y: 4406461
Loc Quality: Planned Footage
Field Name:
API Seq: 5003
API County: 37
Location ID: 381644
Location Name: BENTON-63S85W 14SENE
Spud Date: None
Citing Type:
Max MD: 8311
Max TVD: 0
County: Eagle County, Colorado
County Geocoded: True