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Tank Battery Permit Pending Approved Permit Spill Flowline Flowline (other end location unknown)
Producing Well Water Test Results Horizontal Drilling Plugged and Abandoned Dry and Abandoned Abandoned Location: Permit Vacated; per Operator, Well has not been Spudded
Inspection Pit Approved Permit to Drill Wellbore; not yet Reported as Spudded; Includes Expired Permits Shut-in Well: Completed Wellbore is not Producing but is Mechanically Capable of Production Temporarily abandoned Well: Completed Wellbore not Mechanically Capable of Production without Intervention Drilling Wellbore: well has been Spudded but is not yet Reported as Completed Injection Wellbore for Waste Disposal or Secondary Recovery
Active Well : Gas Storage Well Completion or Monitor Well (Manually Assigned by COGCC Staff) Waiting for Completion: Well has been Drilled but not yet Reported as Completed Suspended Permit: Permit to Drill is Suspended until an Issue is Resolved Commingled: Multiple Wellbores Completed and Producing from the same Formation in the Well Abandoned Drilled Wellbore or Vacated Permit for Wellbore that will not be Drilled or the well has been abandoned Domestic Gas Well School


The following 803 complaint(s) have been assigned to Dolores County, Colorado or have not been assigned to a county:

  • Date Received: Feb. 21, 2012 Document No.: 200340606 ODOR DOLORES Operator: Kinder Morgan Co2 Co Lp Facility: DOE CANYON UNIT Description: The Mertz and Wanger's were at the Wanger's residence on 2/13/12 and all 4 people noticed a "burning rubber" odor coming upwind from the Doe Canyon facility. They notified the inspector and local law enforcement. Resolution: NOAV likely, further documnetation currently being collected.
  • Date Received: July 20, 2012 Document No.: 200356838 ODOR DOLORES Operator: Kinder Morgan Co2 Co Lp Facility: DOE CANYON UNIT Description: Field Inspector received complaint by phone at aproximatetly 10PM from Cindy Tout stating that the wind was blowing towrds her home from the direction of the Doe Canyon facilty and carrying odors onto her property and into her home that she described as "overwhelming" and "unbearable". She stated that she called the Kinder Morgan hotline and talked to someone who was going to call the plant. Resolution: Leeter with MSDS and stack testing data recived 8-20-2012. Kinder Morgan has installed almar on the vapor scrubber that will notify control center 24/7 if scrubbr malfunctions. Plant persnnel have been added o it is now manned 10hrs day 7 days a week. Vapor Recovery Units have been ordred and will be added to existing and planned emission sources. Annticpated installed is 4Q2013.
  • Date Received: Aug. 28, 2013 Document No.: 200386258 NOISE DOLORES Operator: Kinder Morgan Co2 Co Lp Facility: DOE CANYON UNIT Description: variable noise wuith activity Resolution:
  • Date Received: Aug. 28, 2013 Document No.: 200386260 ODOR DOLORES Operator: Kinder Morgan Co2 Co Lp Facility: DOE CANYON UNIT Description: "terrible odor last 2 months, causing headaches" Resolution:
  • Date Received: Nov. 16, 2015 Document No.: 200437976 ODOR DOLORES Operator: Kinder Morgan Co2 Co Lp Facility: DOE CANYON UNIT Description: Location is reported as: 14819 Road 15 Cahone, CO, headwaters of Alkali Draw, south of the Doe Canyon CO2 Plant in Dolores County, CO. Location sits in a draw a few miles south of the plant. Kinder Morgan's Doe Canyon Plant and Air Products Helium Plant, Dolores County, CO. Complainant reports: This evening, 5:15PM I smelled an odor that I had not smelled previously in the day. The odor smelled like rotten cabbage and also what I would term "gas" if I were to smell a propane leak. Odor is described as rotten cabbage, :"gas". Complainant has contacted Kinder Morgan CO2 and Air Products Helium Plant and reports they will attempt to contact other agencies if the odor persists. Resolution:
  • Date Received: Nov. 8, 2016 Document No.: 200440536 NOISE DOLORES Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Location: Air Products next to Doe Canyon CO2 plant in Dolores County Colorado Issue: At night the employees are opening the garage doors which is allowing the noise from within the plant to be heard where I live which is 1/2 mile west of the plant. The employees know that they are not allowed to do this but they do it any way. The noise is described as continuous and coming from equipment within the facility. The issue began on 10/29/16. Resolution: COGCC Staff reviewed the location described in the complaint and determined that the COGCC has no jurisdiction over the Air Products location. Complainant was informed of COGCC's lack of jurisdiction and COGCC staff suggested complainant contact the county to determine if there are any local rules for noise and lights.
  • Date Received: Nov. 2, 2017 Document No.: 200444589 ACCESS DOLORES Operator: Kinder Morgan Co2 Co Lp Facility: DC Description: Location: Dolores County, DC-29 Kinder Morgan. Off of C.R. 9.9 & J. Issue: well head valve malfunction. Overnight a valve failed and water "misted" over location on 10/31/2017. On 11/1/2017 KM tried to cover it up with dirt and gravel and now is showing through. Resolution: Kinder Morgan has completed REM project #10529 at the DC-29 location regarding this release.
  • Date Received: Jan. 8, 2010 Document No.: 200226446 ROADS Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: hard to get top Resolution:
  • Date Received: Feb. 17, 2010 Document No.: 200231269 BASELINE WATER REQUEST Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Requesting a baseline water test of their domestic water well. Resolution: No ID'd impacts from O&G development. Good WQ. Iron-reducing bacteria and coliform bacteria present.
  • Date Received: Feb. 23, 2010 Document No.: 200232081 WATER WELL Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Complainant alleges impact to domestic water well from nearby oil & gas operations. May have been a nearby flowline leak in the past 1-1.5 years. Claims there is oil in the water well. Resolution: Based on water sample results and inspections of surrounding oil & gas facilities, there is no data that would indicate the water quality in the Schwisow domestic water well has been impacted by nearby oil and gas operations. Reference letter to Evelyn Schwisow dated 3/25/10 COGCC Doc#2605871.
  • Date Received: Oct. 26, 2010 Document No.: 200240657 BASELINE WATER REQUEST Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Request for baseline water well sampling before drilling rig moves in nearby Resolution: SUMMARY LETTER SENT TO LANDOWNER.
  • Date Received: April 5, 2010 Document No.: 200240660 WATER WELL Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Domestic water wells contaminated Resolution: I told Ms. Meixsell that the COGCC was aware of two wells impacted on Divide Creek and that the impacts were being investigated to determine what had happened. She asked that she be kept informed on the progress. I told her I did not think I could release much information about private water wells to parties who did not own the wells. She reported that she is friends with the owners so can find out information from them.
  • Date Received: March 25, 2010 Document No.: 200240714 BASELINE WATER REQUEST Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Bob Ashleigh called to request that his water well be sampled. It has not been sampled since it was installed, about three years ago. He does not have a complaint per se, just a request for sampling. Resolution: SUMMARY LETTER SENT TO LANDOWNER.
  • Date Received: April 6, 2010 Document No.: 200240886 BASELINE WATER REQUEST Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Surface owner contacted J. Axelson and D. Baldwin to express concern about potential impacts to water quality and water rights from O&G development in the area. Follow up contact between S. Lindblom and surface owner determined that collecting pre-development water samples from springs, domestic well and irrigation wells would be appropriate. Resolution:
  • Date Received: Feb. 17, 2010 Document No.: 200248051 OTHER Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Mr. Van Artsdalen reported that he has recently had two small fires in the shed near his domestic well. He thinks the fires may have resulted from buildup of methane from his nearby water well or from seepage of methane through the ground under the shed. Resolution: Letter summarizing investigation and conclusions that no impacts from nearby CBM operations were observed in the soil gas survey and water quality invetigation. Pressure tank can vent and release combustible gas in shed where fire occurred. No gas was measured as seeping into shed from ground under and around the shed.
  • Date Received: May 10, 2010 Document No.: 200248357 OTHER Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Mrs. Brown reported that combustible gas detectors in two areas of her home alarmed within 30 minutes of one another in the past week. Home is near the Primero school along Hwy. 12 in Las Animas county. Alarm system was installed in 2007 during the Raton Basin Baseline Phase II investigation. Resolution: Summary letter indicating no observed impacts from nearby CBM activities were observed. Shallow coals are present in and around the Primero School area including near the Brown house and perhaps under the home. Advised the Browns to ensure the gas detectors installed as a COGCC project in 2007 are kept in good repair and tested frequently. Disucssed in person with Mrs. Brown previuosly that if botha alarms sound and then go off with ventilation of house that the threshold for the alrams was probably exceeded (10% of LEL). Appropriate actions then are to call emergency responders if alrams do not cease.
  • Date Received: May 27, 2010 Document No.: 200252371 OTHER Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: complaint Resolution: test complete
  • Date Received: April 5, 2010 Document No.: 200256067 OTHER Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Complainant is concerned that Kinder Morgan's Doe Canyon CO2 Plant is producing excessive vibration which is traveling east to their residence and causing their house to vibrate. Resolution: COGCC has no rules regarding vibration
  • Date Received: June 21, 2010 Document No.: 200256155 RECLAMATION Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Unreclaimed abandoned lease road. Resolution: Resolution with response dated 6/21/2010. Not enough information to verify with any other documentation
  • Date Received: June 23, 2010 Document No.: 200257289 GROUND WATER Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Complainant is worried that surrounding oil & gas development could impact his water well. Requested baseline groundwater sampling. Resolution: Based on the available information gathered to date, there are no indications of historic oil & gas related impacts to the water well. The COGCC maintains a water quality database where the analytical results from the water well will be recorded. If oil & gas development does occur near your home in the future, and you experience changes in your water quality, COGCC will use this baseline sample to compare to future water sample results from your well if requested.
  • Date Received: June 25, 2010 Document No.: 200257750 NOISE Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Message on Rifle office complaint line: from Richard & Cathy Williams (live on Chipperfield Lane), 10:27 AM 6/25/2010 : There is a workover on the pad "behind Smith's" which has been blowing a diesel horn every minute or so. Do they have to do that? 876-0350. Resolution: No source of Air horn was found.
  • Date Received: July 30, 2010 Document No.: 200264608 OTHER Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Saturday, July 17th I noticed there was utility locates on the tank battery while looking at my wheat crop. walked over to the separator and noticed oil has surfaced in about a 4-5 foot radius on the west side of the main storage tank. On Monday, July 26 was out to the farm for barley harvest adn noticed the start of the excavation. Tuesday July 27th actually visited the damage site, noticed that the excavation hole had ground water with oil present. Wednesday morning July 28th visited the damed site again, excavation is expanding easterly with contaminated soil evident and ground water contamination with oil. colled COGCC at lunch time left a message and spote to Steven Lindblom around 2:30 pm. Steven came to the site at 4 pm on the 28th to view the damage. This is the third such oil damage spill in the sw quarter. 12-5 and 13-5 had the same problem near the storage tank last year with ground water contamination. Observation wells are in place. Several years ago the Pan Am K2 had the exact same problem near the storage tank with ground water contamination. I have aslo had noise issues with Kerr-McGee from the nw 1/4 of section 5. I finally sold the W 1/2 of the SW 1/4 in early 2010 to escape the nuisance of having to live near the Kerr-McGee operations. Overall Kerr-McGee has been a very poor excuse for an oil company on the property I have owned and currently own. I sincerely hope that each and everyone of the people from Kerr-McGee associated with my property at some point have the same problems on their own personal property that they have created for me on mine due to extremely poor management. Resolution:
  • Date Received: Aug. 3, 2010 Document No.: 200264857 NOISE Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Very noisy. Exceeds allowable db levels (no attempt to contain noise). Noise and activity increase during night hours (7 pm - 7 am). Lighting trained direct towards homes. Trucks coming and going at all hours (loud beeping). Rig is most active and noisy at night. We cannot sleep!! Resolution: This location was checked by Jim Precup and the Rig was shut down and awaiting transport trucks to move it. The only engine running was the generator. I visited with the driller and asked them to adjust the lighting so it did not shine on the houses to the north. I also stipulated that on no condition should they create an unsafe working condition to accomodate this action. I passed the information to Stuart Elsworth and he said he would contact the complainant and let them know.
  • Date Received: Aug. 3, 2010 Document No.: 200264901 NOISE Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: We live at 6595 Saddleback Ave, Firestone, CO, 80504. Just south of our home is a drilling rig set up by Ensign, just East of our library on a lot within a few hundred feet of our residential area. The rig is extremely noisy, and my guess in the 70-90 Db range. The noise levels are at their highest after dark, when the work seems to increase. It is noisy at all times, but as I write this on Sunday night at 9PM, it is very, very loud, and I am the second row of homes in. I am a trained sound technician, and know sound levels. This is extreme and beyond normal noise levels, not to mention the bright lights they have trained directly at our homes. The rig has been on site for over two weeks, running 24 hours/ day, with increased levels of activity and noise at night. It has the entire neighborhood on edge, with some folks even leaving their homes to get sleep and peace and quiet. There has been absolutely no attempt by Ensign to contain the noise or lights. Trucks come and go at all times of day and especially night, with their loud beeping tones waking us up at all hours. The rig itself is extremely noisy and no sound barriers have been set up. Sleeping through the night has become immpossible, much less a quiet nieghborhood to enjoy. Please help us!! We are at our wits end! Jeff Bowen 720-413-2682 Resolution:
  • Date Received: Aug. 4, 2010 Document No.: 200265193 OTHER Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: