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Weld County 40.207 Oil & Gas

Weld County 40.207 Oil & Gas

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Tank Battery Permit Pending Approved Permit Spill Flowline Flowline (other end location unknown)
Producing Well Water Test Results Horizontal Drilling Plugged and Abandoned Dry and Abandoned Abandoned Location: Permit Vacated; per Operator, Well has not been Spudded
Inspection Pit Approved Permit to Drill Wellbore; not yet Reported as Spudded; Includes Expired Permits Shut-in Well: Completed Wellbore is not Producing but is Mechanically Capable of Production Temporarily abandoned Well: Completed Wellbore not Mechanically Capable of Production without Intervention Drilling Wellbore: well has been Spudded but is not yet Reported as Completed Injection Wellbore for Waste Disposal or Secondary Recovery
Active Well : Gas Storage Well Completion or Monitor Well (Manually Assigned by COGCC Staff) Waiting for Completion: Well has been Drilled but not yet Reported as Completed Suspended Permit: Permit to Drill is Suspended until an Issue is Resolved Commingled: Multiple Wellbores Completed and Producing from the same Formation in the Well Abandoned Drilled Wellbore or Vacated Permit for Wellbore that will not be Drilled or the well has been abandoned Domestic Gas Well School


The following 606 complaint(s) have been assigned to Weld County 40.207 or have not been assigned to a county:

  • Date Received: Aug. 8, 2019 Document No.: 200447906 OTHER Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: On 6/12/2019 I completed orientation to do work at the Hereford facility. Co workers from the day before told me about an explosion in which 2-3 workers were possibly injured, I don’t know the full details of the explosion. My problem is that before explosion workers were not trained as they should’ve been and worse after the incident employee and oil company placed me and other employees in the exact area. We had no safety discussion, we know little about the explosion what happened and why. Yet the employer and oil company think it wise to place employees in the point of exposure, no hot work permits, safety meeting NOTHING Resolution: Complaint referred to Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Date Received: Aug. 6, 2019 Document No.: 200447889 WEEDS Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Location: ne 1/4 nw 14 section 14 ton r65w 6th pm. noxious weeds have not been controlled at all. pipeline Issue: noxious weeds have not been controlled at all. Rule 603.f., oil and gas locations “shall be kept free of weeds". states area shall be kept free of these weeds. This hasn'd been done at all. Resolution: Pipeline location is not within the authority of COGCC
  • Date Received: Aug. 4, 2019 Document No.: 200447848 OTHER Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: COGCC meeting 7-31-19. conduct of activists at the COGCC meeting - It was extremely unfair that these people were not allowing other people to speak and that they were able to control the meeting. they need to be removed and not allowed to attend any future meetings. Resolution: Hearing concerns have been provided to Chairman Gibbs and Director Robbins.
  • Date Received: Aug. 4, 2019 Document No.: 200447860 OTHER Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: I am writing to complain about the circus that has become the “norm” at the COGCC hearings. I came to testify July 31, 2019. I gave my testimony to coughing noises, and a “Shame on You” called out at the end of my testimony. Over and over and over the chair asked the audience to please be respectful, not make comments, etc. HE COMPLETELY LOST CONTROL OF THE ROOM. He needs to do his job and enforce order for all of us who come to testify. Evict those who will not follow the rules. If the COGCC wants to be respected then please get it under control Mr. Chair. Resolution: Hearing concerns have been provided to Chairman Gibbs and Director Robbins.
  • Date Received: Aug. 4, 2019 Document No.: 200447856 ROYALTY Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Hello, Extraction oil and gas company has been deducting money from my royalty check and it was MY understanding that NOTHING was to be deducted from my forced pooled, non-conforming 12.5% payment and that all 'fees' etc...were taken out of the 87.5% PENALTY -that the oil and gas people are KEEPING because I did not lease! I sent them the information I received from various being "If you have been involuntarily pooled already, you are not expected to pay any of the costs . All expenses and the statutory 200% comes out of any proportionate share you are due from your percentage of the pool. That will be taken first, then you will start receiving payments for your mineral interests. as well as the 12.5 (1/8%)." They said they have to keep taking it out until the finish 'investigating' it. I feel like a neglected relative and am very upset....I am an elderly widow with a fixed income that was cut in half (but my debts were not cut in half) when my husband died...$400 may not seem very much to them but it is very important to me....especially when it is taken out twice...once from the royalty (12.5) and once from production (87.5%). I sent Extraction some of the information I had regarding no deduction from my 12.5% royalty. "If you have been involuntarily pooled already, you are NOT expected to pay any of the costs . All expenses and the statutory 200% comes out of any proportionate share you are due from your percentage of the pool. That will be taken first, then you will start receiving payments for your mineral interests. as well as the 12.5 (1/8%) Royalty. This is all assuming the well is profitable. You won’t be expected to pay anything, it just means it will take longer for you to receive anything" Resolution: COGCC Hearings Officer contacted the complainant and explained the payment of proceeds process and provided Forms 37 and 37.
  • Date Received: Aug. 1, 2019 Document No.: 200447846 NOTIFICATION Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Location: West of Colorado Blvd between 151st Ave and Jackson St Brighton Colorado 80602 Issue: Noble Energy sent a "Notice of Scheduled Activity" to my home. It said they were plugging 2 wells in this area. Unfortunately there are 3 in the described area. I called the phone number on the letter (1-844-224-0347) and reached someone in Texas who could not help me. He transferred me to a second person, who also could not help me, and referred me to a phone number (800-220-5824) which was an automated system with no reference to Colorado operations. Google gave me a Denver office number and a Greeley office number. Denver was not able to direct me at all. Greeley was going to look up the manager for my area and have them give me a call. This is ridiculous, and in my opinion does not meet the standard for notification. Resolution: COGCC rules to do not require notice for this activity, so the notice is provided as a courtesy. COGCC does not regulate the content or accuracy of the letter. The operator may not be abandoning all wells in the vicinity.
  • Date Received: July 30, 2019 Document No.: 200447823 AIR QUALITY Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: This month the air quality has gotten really bad. I have lived in Beijing, China which has had polluted air and I know how pollution affects me. My health is being affected by the air quality. My respiratory health is getting worse due to the increase in bad air quality. It feels like I always have a low grade cold- my throat is scratchy and dry. My throat feels the same as when I lived in China! I am a healthcare provider and I know I am not sick with a cold- I am 100% certain this is because of the pollution getting worse. Resolution: Health and regional air quality concerns were referred to CDPHE.
  • Date Received: July 30, 2019 Document No.: 200447821 ROYALTY Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Location: T7S R95W Section 3: SW/4 WASATCH, T7S R95W Section 3: ALL, Approximately 40 acres leased by Terra Energy Partners LLC (TEP), Co-owned by 10 royalty owners of which Wilson Family Trust dtd July 17, 1997 William & Lois Leona Wilson Co-TTEES own 5%. Issue: Need to confirm that the formula for calculating our mineral royalties is correct and that we are receiving our correct dollar amount. An article in Law360 (March 18, 2019) stating that "A Colorado federal judge approved a nearly $8 million settlement that will go to a class of roughly 600 royalty owners who alleged they were underpaid by a unit of gas producer Terra Energy Partners LLC..." I have no way of knowing if the interest rate or if the formula used to calculate our royalties due us are correct. And after seeing the above article, I would like it to be confirmed that the formula and what we receive for the royalty on our above wells are correct. Resolution: Complainant referred to COGIS records to review production data and informed COGCC does not maintain interest rate/ formula information.
  • Date Received: July 29, 2019 Document No.: 200447803 NOISE Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: These sand trucks that come through every 3-4 minutes 24x7 are rediculously loud. Something is loose on them that causes them to rattle and shake everytime they hit a bump. It's awful for the handful of residence along main st. Either offer to buy us all out for a residential area for your drivers/energy workers or bypass main. The sheer number of trucks is rediculous. PLEASE at least fix the rattling issue with the sand trucks. I can send a video if you like. Resolution: Traffic noise is not within COGCC's jurisdiction. Complainant referred to local government.
  • Date Received: July 25, 2019 Document No.: 200447799 OTHER Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Location: us 24-wells (Heron Pad), 36-wells (Jacobson Pad), 32-wells (Harlo Pad) Issue: Fracking issues 1. TRAFFIC-Fracking Increases Truck Traffic- More volume on busy neighboring roads. Before/after school traffic with this can be a possible nightmare, we will have industrial equipment visible, water pits and these sites emit smog-forming volatile organic compounds and benzene. 2. LIGHTING-Bright light flares as this site will have a constant flare emitting (methane leaking, etc.) 3. PROPERTY VALUES-Property Values will decrease?- Example: All the houses on the market at HWY 7 & I-25 and Erie/ N. Broomfield since the Great Walls of Fracking went up they have decreased. Who will want to buy our homes with noise pollution, Mountain View obstructed by Fracking Towers/$125,000 2 month wall, next to the “Frack Freeway” when they know the risk factors to their health nearby them. 4. SCHOOL DRILLS-Safety- this will be another School Drill for our kids to prepare for if there was a leak or explosion that happened. 5. WATER-Chemical-laced wastewater can spill and pollute drinking water. If there is a leak this can contaminate our water which we already know Commerce City struggles with and create harmful health issues. Water mixture that pumped into the shale rock during the fracking process contains carcinogenic chemicals, these escape fracking boreholes and pollute the local water supply near the fracking site which is our homes! Also Fracking requires more water than conventional gas drilling generally 1-8 million gallons of water, this can cause increases on our rates and decrease us having life giving water to survive from due to the supply and demand. 6. CHEMICALS-The mixture used in fracking often includes additives of biocide, polymeric lubricant, surfactant, and stabilizer. But because companies are not required to disclose any information about the chemicals they use, they have the freedom to change the ingredients. This is especially true because they are exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act of 20 Resolution: COGCC does not accept objecting to pending permits via the complaint process. Complainant was referred to COGCC permitting process.
  • Date Received: July 15, 2019 Document No.: 200447818 AIR QUALITY Operator: Invalid Operator Facility: Description: Extraction has been using Gibson D822 which contains benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. This oilly liquid is a carcinogen and also contains ozone precursors. This drilling mud is used by the truck loads. I have experienced all the heath effects symptoms listed on the SDS. In addition, I have also experienced massive hair loss which stopped immediately after drilling stopped. One day I had massive diaherria (as in a free colon cleanse for a colonoscopy) after breathing the Gibson for hours the day before. Because I have had all the short term health effects should I assume I will have the long term effects such as cancer? I have made the CDPHE aware of this and they could take no action. What can be done for myself and my neighboors which includes children? Broomfield also misrepresented the electrical power situation to the CDPHE and told then Interchange did not have electrical power yet an electric drill was used for almost three months. How can COGCC allow oil and gas to use Gibson D822 in neighboorhoods and expose people to this carcinogen when NEOFLO is available? The CDC and the EPA tell me that benzene, toluene, and ethylenebenzene are first detected by the human nose around 1.5 to 5 or 6 ppm. The problem is that the health standards (ATSDR) are 1000 times smaller in the <10ppb range. When the COGCC inspector or Broomfield inspectors come out and sniff the air their nose is not adequate to provide quantification of these carcinogens in the ppb range. When their noses start to detect the chemicals it is 1000 times over the health standard. What we were smelling was not something that was barely detectable. It was very very strong and I am concerned the concentrations in the air where much much more than ppm. The CAMML should have been at Interchange B but it appears Broomfield did not want them there and told them there was electrical power. The CDPHE can do nothing for us. Can you do anything to access the damage to our bodies. Also neither Broomfield or CDPHE can measure Resolution: Complainant referred to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environ